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Gus Grip® founder, Jen Psichopaidas DeAngelo, got her first Peloton® bike two days after receiving clearance to workout postpartum. Jen quickly realized that she and so many other riders—both at the studio and at home—would place a towel over the handlebars to absorb sweat, provide padding and a bit of friction.​At the time, Jen searched to no avail for a product that satisfied those same needs. So, she set out to prototype her own.

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So, she set out to prototype her own by sewing together a pair of hooded infant towels to some potholders. It’s certainly come a long way since then. Jen took every ride with that makeshift cover and found she could no longer do without. Not needing to fuss with a towel enabled her to just focus on the ride.

While riding the high of realizing her idea had legs, Jen suddenly experienced the loss of her biggest cheerleader and strongest supporter, her father. As a Greek immigrant, Jen’s father had actualized the ‘American Opportunity’—as she calls it—and instilled in her the same work ethic, determination and fun-lovingness he had. Thereafter, driven by her father’s endless love and strong values, Jen began a 18-month journey of iterating and perfecting the prototyped design. The result? A meticulously designed stationary bike handlebar cover with the optimal fabric, fit and feel that affords a good grip and a great ride. As a final touch, to forever memorialize her father, Jen named it after him, the Gus Grip®.


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